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Ron Splude Gentle Yoga & Body Ball Rolling Therapies



I believe that I am here to help you, with your process...

I work with primarily with individuals to create a holistic approach to health. Through regular yoga instruction, you can increase muscle tone and flexibility while developing strength and concentration.  Yoga can teach you to relax, both on and off the yoga mat.
My clients vary from Hollywood actors, retired executives, young professions, to long time survivors, all making their mark in the world. All like minded individuals, believing that they can change their life; and as a result change the world.

Everyday of my life with Yoga, is a gift. My intention is work in SERVICE to others.

I currently work more with individual clients; doing Body Ball Rolling, Private and SemiPrivate Yoga Classes and Therapeutic Bodywork.

If you have a bad back, a sore shoulder, or some other pain. Call me, I’m here to help!

To me my life has been an amazing gift of healing, and it is my desire to continue in that aspect of the work. Traditional Classic Yoga was ALWAYS taught one on one. I love working with individuals to open the body in a safe and calming environment.

Thank you for finding me!

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Best place to work on your downward dog? Grab your mat and sign up for Ron Splude's Yoga class in Palm Springs. Perfect for both devoted yogis and those new to the practice, you'll be raving about a newfound sense of calm and tranquility in no time.